How Yodlee’s Sales
Team Learned to
Perform Better, Faster
with Training from
Inside Sales Solutions

Yodlee (now “Envestnet | Yodlee”) is the leading data analytics
platform for financial service providers. For over 20 years, Yodlee
has worked with more than 1,500 financial institutions and
FinTech innovators, including 15 of the top 20 U.S. banks.


Learn how Yodlee went from a legacy sales
team to a highly enabled sales team with
Training Services by Inside Sales Solutions.


Cut Executive Overhead

Discover how ISS gave TouchPoint Medical valuable time back by handling the BDR and BDR management functions. 


Seamless Handoffs

See how ISS smoothly integrated and became an extension of the TouchPoint Medical sales team.


Expertise in Cybersecurity

Our specialty is tech and cybersecurity, see how TouchPoint Medical leveraged ISS' knowledge to create closed-won deals faster.